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We currently have two types of offerings: Secure Cloud and Community Cloud. Both offerings run on our Zero-Trust Secure Network.
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Secure Cloud
Tier 4 Datacenters
Our secure cloud runs in tiered datacenters located in Kansas, USA and Oslo, NOR. RunPod HQ is located in the Philadelphia area.
Enterprise Grade hardware
Our Secure Cloud Machines are equipped with fast SSD storage, enterprise interconnects between nodes, and fast redundant business internet.
Trust and Security
Our data centers are currently using UV&S for co-location services. Our racks share physical space with servers that are used by the government and for other sensitive workloads. Our personnel are required to adhere to strict privacy and security measures.
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Community Cloud
The Best Pricing
Our community cloud prices are unbeatable in the industry. If you have a workload that does not require the additional guarantees that Secure Cloud offers, then this is the place to get unbeatable savings.
Highly Reliable
We require our hosts to keep at least 98% uptime to stay listed. This means that you are guaranteed a good user experience, regardless of whether you decide to go with Secure Cloud or Community Cloud.
Our Community Cloud hosts are vetted by us and are located all over the world. Join us in democratizing GPU computing.
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