You Can Schedule Prompts Now With Disco Diffusion WHAT?

BY ZHEN LU - JULY 27, 2022
You could schedule advanced stuff like cuts before, but now you can schedule PROMPTS in Disco Diffusion! That means that you can alter the prompt over the course of your diffusion steps to achieve some really awesome results. Read more to find out how!

Discoart, the platform that RunPod's disco diffusion is built on, just introduced prompt scheduling today. If you need to learn how to start a pod with the GUI, you can check out this article.

All you need right now to schedule prompts is to switch on the "Enable Advanced Custom Settings" under the "Custom Settings" expander. Then you can paste in your JSON that contains your prompt schedule like so:

Here's the starting prompt used here as an example if you want to copy it and edit it:

  "text_prompts": {
    'version': '1',
    'prompts': [
        {'text': 'the main prompt', 'weight': 10, 'spellcheck': 'ignore'},
            'text': 'the second prompt effective at later steps',
            'weight': 7,
            'schedule': '[False]*500+[True]*500',
            'text': 'some positive modifier',
            'weight': 3,
            'clip_guidance': ['RN50x4::openai'],
        {'text': 'some negative modifier', 'weight': -4},

Now you can totally do stuff like introduce new prompts half-way through your render. You can even turn clip guidance for each prompt on and off independently. I can't wait to try this out and post some results.

Note that using the advanced overrides will ignore the prompts you put into the normal UI. We will be building an advanced prompt editor soon to make this experience better. <3

Zhen is one of the co-founders of RunPod. He holds a PhD in Computational Chemistry and has lots of experience teaching, coding, and talking to people.

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