You Can Schedule Prompts Now With Disco Diffusion WHAT?

You could schedule advanced stuff like cuts before, but now you can schedule PROMPTS in Disco Diffusion! That means that you can alter the prompt over the course of your diffusion steps to achieve some really awesome results. Read more to find out how!
BY - JULY 27, 2022

How To Use Voronoi Inits in Disco Diffusion

If you didn't know, every Disco Diffusion render needs to start with some kind of input. If you aren't using an init image, this input is perlin noise, which is kind of like old school TV static. In this article, we're going to introduce another method of initialing your render: voronoi. You can get some pretty interesting results with this, so check it out!
BY - JULY 16, 2022

Now even easier to run Disco Diffusion 5.6 on RunPod

While the entmike fork on RunPod is pretty rad, we do get that some of you may want to try the latest and greatest features and can't wait for the 10 seconds it takes Mike to catch up ;). While running vanilla DD on RunPod has always been an option, we've decided to make it even easier to get started by integrating the notebook into our default run template.
BY - JULY 16, 2022

Need Inspiration? Let Disco Diffusion Dream For You

Have you ever really wanted to generate some art using disco diffusion, but you aren't sure what to put in? I think we've all been there! Thankfully, there's a "prompt salad" feature in our version of disco diffusion that can help with your artists block!
BY - JULY 1, 2022

Use Mutations to Automate Your Disco Diffusion Studies

Have you seen those cool prompt/settings studies that people have done? Maybe you wanted to see what the different effects of cut_ic_power are on your final product, or play around with clip_guidance_scale, or to simply try a bunch of text prompt variations. You can automate generation of these exploratory studies using config files. Read on to find out how!
BY - JULY 1, 2022

How to Level-Up Your Disco Diffusion Game by Using Config Files

It's pretty easy to just click in some settings when you run Disco Diffusion for the first time and get some generally good results. However, if you really want to up your game, then using consistent settings each time and varying them slowly until you get the results you want is key. In this article, we'll go over how to get consistent results and save your progress so you waste less time clicking.
BY - JUNE 30, 2022

Disco Diffusion Quick Start on RunPod

AI is the latest frontier for artists, providing new opportunities for creativity and expression. Disco Diffusion models are a great way to create some stunning pieces. In this article, we'll go through how to get running Disco Diffusion on RunPod.
BY - JUNE 1, 2022

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