API Docs


RunPod uses API Keys for all API requests. Go to settings to manage your API keys.

Create OnDemand Pod

Create an OnDemand Pod.

Field NameTypeDescription
cloudType *enum(ALL, COMMUNITY, SECURE)cloud servers the pod is created under
containerDiskInGb *intcontainer disk; when pod is stopped, container disk is wiped
gpuCount *int# of GPUs to attach to pod
gpuTypeId *stringgpu type to deploy, see below for query to get all gpu types
imageName *stringdocker image name; pulled from docker hub
volumeInGb *intvolume size in GB to reserve for the pod
dockerArgsstringarguments passed to the container; replaces your start command
envarray[{key, value}]environment variables that will be passed to your container
minMemoryInGbintminimum memory you required; since theres many configurations
minVcpuCountintminimum vCPU you require; since theres many configurations
namestringpod name
portsstring[]ports to expose, (e.g.) "8888/tcp"
volumeMountPathstringdirectory path to mount the pod volume
templateIdstringTemplate id of the template that you want to launch with. (other params will override those defined in your template) You can find the template ID in your templates dashboard.
volumeKeystringThe encryption key for your volume. Supplying this string will implicitly enable volume encryption.
Create Spot Pod

Create a Spot Pod using bids. Spot can be interrupted if another user bids higher.

Get GPU Types

Get all GPU types data like ID, display name, and other attributes.

Get GPU Data by ID

Get GPU data by id, including data about on-demand and spot bid price.

Get Pod by ID

Get pod by using pod ID. Runtime data is only valid when pod is running.

Get Pods

Get all pods in your account. Runtime data is only valid when pod is running.

Start OnDemand Pod

Start an OnDemand Pod with a Pod ID. If needed, gpuCount can be specified to upgrade or downgrade the GPUs on the pod.

Start Spot Pod

Start a Spot Pod by providing Pod ID. You must also specify a bid with GPU count to start a pod.

Stop OnDemand or Spot Pod

Stop a running pod using Pod ID. This works with OnDemand and Spot pods.

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