Rent GPU Servers

Rent a dedicated GPU server to accelerate your computing workloads such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, scientific computing, ai art, and video rendering.
Light-weight VM that deploys in seconds.
Install your own Kubernetes, Docker, or other platforms.
Coming Soon in Q4 of 2022
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  • $0.64 / hr
    1x RTX A6000
    48 GB VRAM
  • $1.28 / hr
    2x RTX A6000
    96 GB VRAM
  • $2.56 / hr
    4x RTX A6000
    192 GB VRAM
  • $5.12 / hr
    8x RTX A6000
    384 GB VRAM
Complete OS Virtualization
Containers are great for some situations, but when you need more control and better isolation, Virtual Machines are a better fit. You can install your own Kubernetes, Docker, or other platforms to scale your compute workloads.
Scale GPUs from 1x to 8x GPUs
Scale your GPU count as you need more compute going from 1 to 8 GPUs within seconds. Infinite scaling will be available in a future update!
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Ubuntu GPU Server

Ubuntu GPU Server offers many flexibilies like installing your own tools and leveraging GPU for any accelerated computing tasks.
Tensorflow or Pytroch
Install TensorFlow, Pytroch or any other toolsets you need for your Machine Learning, or other needs.
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Windows GPU Server

Some things are only possible in Windows and it's there when you need it. For those that prefer Windows GPU Server, you get full control to install any tools you need whether it's for video rendering, or other computing tasks.