We raised 20M to revolutionize AI/ML cloud computing
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Some of the most important companies of this decade will be built on RunPod.
We aim to be the developer's launchpad for full-stack AI applications—the compute backbone that enables successful companies to run AI/ML workloads simply, globally, and at scale.
This vision has not only guided every decision we've made—from hiring to coding—but also serves as our daily motivation and the standard against which we measure our progress.
If our vision resonates with you and you're passionate about creating groundbreaking solutions, we invite you to explore career opportunities with us. Become part of a team that values innovation, resilience, and collaboration. Lets shape the future of AI cloud computing together and achieve the extraordinary.
RunPod team at offsite in Austin, Texas
RunPod team at offsite in Austin, Texas, on March 8, 2024.
Updated: Jun 2, 2024
Our Core Values
These values don't just define us; they are us. As we evolve, our brand will continue to project this true identity of our team, becoming richer and gaining equity over time.
Unlike our products, which will adapt and change, our brand's core identity will remain consistent, changing only with deliberate effort and broad consensus.
Courage to Innovate
We don't just push boundaries; we redefine them.
Generosity of Spirit
Our culture thrives on support and collaboration.
Commitment to Growth
We believe that every challenge is an opportunity for learning.
Trust in Action
Our reliability is the cornerstone of our integrity.
Careers at RunPod
All of our roles are either hybrid or remote. Most of our team is based in SF and New Jersey. We are currently looking to grow our SF team, and have a preference for candidates who are enthusiastic about working in-person.
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Remote and Hybrid Team
Our team operates remotely from various regions, including the US, Canada, Europe, and India. We have an office in San Francisco where 10 members of the team work in-person.
We are also committed to supporting talented individuals who wish to relocate to San Francisco. We welcome candidates who require work visas and are enthusiastic about joining our SF team.
Our Team
Our team is customer-obsessed, agile, growth-oriented, and multifaceted. We like to work hard, but we have a lot of fun too.
We wear multiple hats. Our sales team is has a strong technical background. Our eng team has an exceptional eye for product. Our datacenter operations team has a strong sales background. Whether youre doing engineering, sales, operations, design, or product, you should be comfortable wearing more than one hat at a time.

We are customer-obsessed. We have over 100,000 developers that rely on us to run their workloads. Many of them use RunPod for their production environments. Thats a huge responsibility that we dont take lightly. We are constantly talking to our customers to understand what we can do to level up our platform.

We contribute cross-functionally. If you think theres a better way of doing X, even if it doesnt directly fall under your function, you should voice that to the team. The most important products weve built have stemmed from conversations between non-overlapping teams, like ML + Sales, Customer Support + Product, and Datacenter Operations + Accounting.

We are agile. At this stage, we need to move quickly. The faster we can ship products that delight our customers, the more successful they will be with our platform. The AI industry is constantly evolving, and we must be able to evolve just as quickly. There are some things we believe wont change. Developers will always want faster, more accessible and cost-effective compute. Although our products may change, our mission will stay the same.

We are looking for people who want to grow as RunPod grows. We currently have 35 full-time people on the team, and we anticipate scaling to several hundred over the coming years. We are looking for people with a bias towards leadership, who can hire and manage talented folks as their function within RunPod scales.

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