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Careers at RunPod

All of our roles are either hybrid or remote. Most of our team is based in SF and New Jersey. We are currently looking to grow our SF team, and have a preference for candidates who are enthusiastic about working in-person.
Everyone on our team wears multiple hats. Our sales team is has a strong technical background. Our eng team has an exceptional eye for product. Our datacenter operations team has a strong sales background. Whether you're doing engineering, sales, operations, design, or product, you should be comfortable wearing more than one hat at a time.
Everyone on our team is customer obsessed. We have over 100,000 developers that rely on us to run their workloads. Many of them use RunPod for their production environments. That's a huge responsibility that we don't take lightly. We are constantly talking to our customers to understand what we can do to level up our platform. Regardless of your function, you will interact with our customers at one point or another. Our customers are developers, so having a good grasp of the GPU cloud workflows that exist and being able to empathizing with customer pain points is something we look for (even if you're not technical).
Everyone on our team contributes cross-functionally. If you think there's a better way of doing X, even if it doesn't directly fall under your function, you should voice that to the team. The most important products we've built have stemmed from conversations between non-overlapping teams, like ML + Sales, Customer Support + Product, and Datacenter Operations + Accounting.
Everyone on our team is agile. At this stage, we need to move quickly. The faster we can ship products that delight our customers, the more successful they will be with our platform. The AI industry is constantly evolving, and we must be able to evolve just as quickly. There are some things we believe won't change. Developers will always want faster, more accessible and cost-effective compute. Although our products may change, our mission will stay the same.
We are looking for people who want to grow as RunPod grows. We currently have 33 full-time people on the team, and we anticipate scaling to several hundred over the coming years. We are looking for people with a bias towards leadership, who can hire and manage talented folks as their function within RunPod scales.
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