GPU Instance Pricing

RunPod prices are 8 times cheaper
than other cloud providers.
All charges are billed per minute.
You only pay for what you use.
Secure Cloud Pricing
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1x A100 80GB16125 GB0.4421.368
2x A100 80GB32250 GB0.8842.736
4x A100 80GB64500 GB1.7685.472
8x A100 80GB1281000 GB3.53610.944
1x A4016125 GB0.1890.440
2x A4032250 GB0.3780.880
4x A4064500 GB0.7561.760
8x A401281000 GB1.5123.520
1x RTX A6000862 GB0.2320.489
2x RTX A600016124 GB0.4640.978
4x RTX A600032248 GB0.9281.956
8x RTX A600064496 GB1.8563.912
Community Cloud Pricing
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1x RTX 30701031 GB0.1010.180
2x RTX 30702062 GB0.2020.360
4x RTX 307040124 GB0.4040.720
1x RTX 30801014 GB0.1140.210
2x RTX 30802028 GB0.2280.420
4x RTX 30804056 GB0.4560.840
1x RTX 3080 Ti822 GB0.1880.250
2x RTX 3080 Ti1644 GB0.3760.500
1x RTX 3090971 GB0.1750.300
2x RTX 309018142 GB0.3500.600
4x RTX 309036284 GB0.7001.200
1x RTX A4000519 GB0.1230.200
2x RTX A40001038 GB0.2460.400
4x RTX A40002076 GB0.4920.800
8x RTX A400040152 GB0.9841.600
1x RTX A450032250 GB0.1380.240
1x RTX A5000531 GB0.1750.300
2x RTX A50001062 GB0.3500.600
4x RTX A500020124 GB0.7001.200
8x RTX A500040248 GB1.4002.400
1x RTX A6000--ReservedReserved
2x RTX A6000--ReservedReserved
4x RTX A6000--ReservedReserved
8x RTX A6000--ReservedReserved
1x V100 FHHL862 GB0.1630.210
2x V100 FHHL16124 GB0.3260.420
1x Tesla V100--ReservedReserved
2x Tesla V100--ReservedReserved
1x V100 SXM2231 GB0.2500.320
2x V100 SXM2462 GB0.5000.640
4x V100 SXM28124 GB1.0001.280
8x V100 SXM216248 GB2.0002.560

Storage Pricing

We charge $0.10/GB/Month for all storage on running pods
and $0.20/GB/Month for idle stored volumes.

Bandwidth Pricing

It's FREE!
No hidden internet bandwidth costs.
Don't see a machine configuration that you like?
Don't want to use containers?
We provide custom solutions too!
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