GPU Instance Pricing

RunPod prices are 8 times cheaper
than other cloud providers.
All charges are billed per minute.
You only pay for what you use.
Secure Cloud Pricing
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1x A100 80GB80 GB--1.790
2x A100 80GB160 GB--3.580
4x A100 80GB320 GB--7.160
8x A100 80GB640 GB--14.320
1x A100 SXM 80GB80 GB--1.840
2x A100 SXM 80GB160 GB--3.680
4x A100 SXM 80GB320 GB--7.360
8x A100 SXM 80GB640 GB--14.720
1x A4048 GB--0.790
2x A4096 GB--1.580
4x A40192 GB--3.160
1x RTX 309024 GB--0.440
2x RTX 309048 GB--0.880
4x RTX 309096 GB--1.760
8x RTX 3090192 GB--3.520
1x RTX 409024 GB--0.690
2x RTX 409048 GB--1.380
4x RTX 409096 GB--2.760
8x RTX 4090192 GB--5.520
1x NVIDIA L4048 GB--1.190
2x NVIDIA L4096 GB--2.380
4x NVIDIA L40192 GB--4.760
8x NVIDIA L40384 GB--9.520
1x RTX 6000 Ada48 GB--1.190
2x RTX 6000 Ada96 GB--2.380
4x RTX 6000 Ada192 GB--4.760
8x RTX 6000 Ada384 GB--9.520
1x RTX A400016 GB--0.340
2x RTX A400032 GB--0.680
4x RTX A400064 GB--1.360
8x RTX A4000128 GB--2.720
1x RTX A450020 GB--0.360
2x RTX A450040 GB--0.720
4x RTX A450080 GB--1.440
1x RTX A500024 GB--0.440
2x RTX A500048 GB--0.880
4x RTX A500096 GB--1.760
8x RTX A5000192 GB--3.520
1x RTX A600048 GB--0.790
2x RTX A600096 GB--1.580
4x RTX A6000192 GB--3.160
8x RTX A6000384 GB--6.320
Community Cloud Pricing
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1x A100 80GB80 GB--1.690
2x A100 80GB160 GB--3.380
4x A100 80GB320 GB--6.760
8x A100 80GB640 GB--13.520
1x A100 40GB40 GB--0.890
2x A100 40GB80 GB--1.780
4x A100 40GB160 GB--3.560
1x A3024 GB--0.320
2x A3048 GB--0.640
4x A3096 GB--1.280
8x A30192 GB--2.560
1x A4048 GB--0.740
2x A4096 GB--1.480
4x A40192 GB--2.960
1x RTX 30708 GB--0.200
2x RTX 307016 GB--0.400
4x RTX 307032 GB--0.800
8x RTX 307064 GB--1.600
1x RTX 308010 GB--0.230
2x RTX 308020 GB--0.460
4x RTX 308040 GB--0.920
8x RTX 308080 GB--1.840
1x RTX 3080 Ti12 GB--0.260
2x RTX 3080 Ti24 GB--0.520
4x RTX 3080 Ti48 GB--1.040
1x RTX 309024 GB--0.290
2x RTX 309048 GB--0.580
4x RTX 309096 GB--1.160
8x RTX 3090192 GB--2.320
1x RTX 3090 Ti24 GB--0.360
2x RTX 3090 Ti48 GB--0.720
1x RTX 4070 Ti12 GB--0.290
2x RTX 4070 Ti24 GB--0.580
1x RTX 408016 GB--0.500
2x RTX 408032 GB--1.000
4x RTX 408064 GB--2.000
1x RTX 409024 GB--0.590
2x RTX 409048 GB--1.180
4x RTX 409096 GB--2.360
8x RTX 4090192 GB--4.720
1x H100 80GB SXM580 GB--4.490
2x H100 80GB SXM5160 GB--8.980
4x H100 80GB SXM5320 GB--17.960
8x H100 80GB SXM5640 GB--35.920
1x RTX A400016 GB--0.240
2x RTX A400032 GB--0.480
4x RTX A400064 GB--0.960
8x RTX A4000128 GB--1.920
1x RTX A450020 GB--0.260
2x RTX A450040 GB--0.520
4x RTX A450080 GB--1.040
1x RTX A500024 GB--0.320
2x RTX A500048 GB--0.640
4x RTX A500096 GB--1.280
8x RTX A5000192 GB--2.560
1x RTX A600048 GB--0.740
2x RTX A600096 GB--1.480
4x RTX A6000192 GB--2.960
8x RTX A6000384 GB--5.920
1x Quadro RTX 500016 GB--0.180
2x Quadro RTX 500032 GB--0.360
1x V100 FHHL16 GB--0.280
2x V100 FHHL32 GB--0.560
4x V100 FHHL64 GB--1.120

Storage Pricing

We charge $0.10/GB/Month for all storage on running pods
and $0.20/GB/Month for idle stored volumes.
Network Storage
$0.05/GB/Month for 1TB or more

Bandwidth Pricing

It's FREE!
No hidden internet bandwidth costs.
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